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More and more parents and educators are using the Montessori method to help bring out the best potential in their children.

Montessori is a powerful movement that is taking place around the World. 

The Montessori method is a hands-on methodology that is child-focused. Children are given FREEDOM in learning... empowering them to learn what they want to learn and how they choose to learn it. 

You will meet 22 speakers who will share their perspective on Freedom in Learning' and how they have facilitated it with children in their communities.

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Freedom in Learning

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Conference Inspiration

Ki Hajar Dewantara

Ki Hajar Dewantara was a pioneer of the education for native Indonesian. He is called the Father of Indonesian National Education. His philosophy was deeply influenced by Dr. Maria Montessori. Both of them believed that education must be based on freedom and exploration. Children must be free to learn and develop according to their own pace. The roles of the adults are to nurture, facilitate, and be role models to the children.

“Ing ngarso sung tulodo, ing madyo mangun karso, tut wuri handayani.”

“(for those) in front should set an example, (for those) in the middle should raise the spirit, and (for those) behind should give encouragement.”

Ki Hajar Dewantara

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Paul Epstein, Ph.D.

Education Director at Designs for Lifelong Learning Beijing, China

My work involves organizing opportunities for transformative growth through workshops, seminars, conferences, training, consulting, speaking, and publishing. I am grateful for each opportunity to partner with children and adults as they learn. These experiences provide me with both inspiration and data to share when I engage with teachers, children, and parents in schools, homes, seminars, public spaces, and through a variety of media.

Sony Vasandani, B.Com.; M.Ed.

Founder and CEO of Sunshine Teachers' Training

I am a passionate educator with nearly 30 years of experience in in the field of early childhood education. I offer online Montessori (early years and elementary) courses for parents and teachers around the world and ‘The Preschool Business Accelerator’ program for individuals wanting to start their own preschool businesses anywhere. My vision is to help as many parents and teachers in the world to be the best educators for their children and for preschool owners to be successful in what they do without compromising on doing the best for their children.